1. Mike Post. Joined BOAC in 1970. Flew as a pilot, first the VC10 and then the B747 Classic until retirement in 1999. In 1999 initiated and led the successful opposition to the BA-proposed merger of APS and NAPS which had already been agreed by the Trustees subject to Court approval. Served as elected Trustee of APS (and initially NAPS) from 2000 until resignation in 2011 over the failure to pay RPI increases. Whilst a Trustee successfully argued for the separation of the APS and NAPS Boards and for Trustee election candidates to be allowed to circulate election addresses. In 2011 initiated the continuing campaign to restore RPI increases. In 2014 joined the ABAP Committee and was elected Chairman.

2. David Gunner. Joined BEA in 1960 after working for five years with the Middlesex County Council. Five years as clerk then supervisor in Export Cargo. Aircraft Dispatcher from 1965 until 1979, then Duty Officer, Terminal Controller, Ramp Superintendent and finally Manager Ramp Services. Local Trade Union activist since joining company, Staff Rep, Local Panel Rep and Trade Union Branch Secretary. Retired 1994 then set up in business as Courier. NAPS pensioner trustee 2003 until 2006. ABAP member since inception and participant in ABAP activities since 2003.

3. Mark Fielder. 39 year career at BA in a variety of roles from 1976 to 2015, mostly IT related. Since April 2014, I have been active in the BA vs Trustees legal action as Representative Beneficiary.
Main interest: I believe that both APS & NAPS are very good schemes which must be staunchly defended.

4. Joe Lowes. Joined BEA 1964, Engineering Inspector engine overhaul. 1970 joined BOAC as Production Engineer and Senior Supplies Office. 1980 - 1995 various Operational Management posts at Heathrow terminals. 1995 Manager T5 Development, planning and development of T5 on behalf of BA. Retired in 1999
Interests: To participate in all ABAP activities on behalf of both APS and NAPS members

5. Joel Kosminsky. Joined BOAC 1969 as a General Apprentice, and worked in various roles in Reservations and Marketing until 1982, when I left BA. Gained a BSc at Middlesex Poly’, then joined London Transport, and latterly South West Trains before retirement in 2011.
Main Interest. I was a TSSA union rep and served on its Executive Committee for six years; I also was a lay Trustee for the Transport Benevolent Fund 2004-11. In retirement I have continued my union associations as vice-Chair of TSSA’s Retired Members’ Group and I represent my union at the National Pensioners’ Convention as well as being on the TfL Pensioners’ Consultative Council.

6. Mike McDonald. Joined BOAC 1961 as Station Officer Trainee. Manager Seychelles 1974. Denmark 1978. Marketing Manager Europe 1983 based LHR. 1991 General Manager Shuttle. Finally Business Manager UK. Retired 1996. Since worked for BBC & Houses of Parliament.

7. Dayne Markham. Joined RAF as pilot 1951. BOAC1955. Initially navigator. Flew York, Constellation 749, Bri102, Comet4, VC10, 747. Captain 1970. Introduced original “Diver” Doorframe metal detector mid 1970, aircraft plastic armour late 1970. Served BALPA 1971/77. Heathrow Security & National Aviation Security (overseas) 1975/77. Retired 1982. SIA based Singapore 1982/92. ABAP 1990. Committee 1997. Chairman 2008-2012.
Interest: Supporting BA personnel past & present.

8. Jack Shill. Joined BEA 1946 (just after Pontius retired ). Many Positions. BA Cargo and Flight Dispatch. Founder member of ABAP 1990
Interest: ABAP finances & Membership.

9. Ray Smith. Joined RAF 1957. BEA Radio/Radar Technician 1971. Shop Steward EETPU 1980. After merger with BOAC as BA, in TBA on aircraft maintenance, later TBD when workshop moved to Wales. Retired from BA 2004 & joined ABAP. Served on ABAP Committee 2007. Elected 2008. ABAP liaison with Occupational Pensioners' Alliance.
Interest: Overall security of our BA pensions.

10. Bob Acott. I joined the RAF in 1957 and started as an Electrical apprentice, qualified as an electrician and electrical instructor. In 1967 I converted to Flt/eng on the C130. In 1973 started as a Flt/Eng on the Court Line Tristars operating out of Luton. Also in 1973 I joined BOAC and stayed until I retired in 1996 and operated on the VC10, Tristar and 747. I represented F/Es as a Rep for the MNAOA, NUMAST and BALPA.
Interests: Lots, but for ABAP it is trying to help stop the pensions rot