ABAP Aims and Objectives
To represent the interests of all pensioners, deferred pensioners, and potential pensioners of British Airways plc and its predecessor companies' Pension Schemes.
2. To seek improvement in benefits, making representations to British Airways and/or the Trustees of the British Airways Pension Schemes as appropriate and progress any disputes or differences.
3. To offer, where possible, advice to individual Members who are in dispute with British Airways and/or Trustees.
4. To liaise with other Associations, Trades Unions and any other bodies concerning British Airways Pensions & Pensioners.
5. To endeavour to protect all British Airways Pension Scheme members' Accrued Rights in any contemplated changes to the Trust Deeds and Rules of the Pension Schemes.
6. To increase the number of Member Trustees who are Pensioners of the British Airways Pension Schemes.
7. To maintain a watching brief with regard to ongoing security of the Fund in order to safeguard British Airways Pensioners' and all Members' interests and initiate appropriate action when required.
8. To issue public statements on important issues as and when appropriate.
9. To continue to seek acknowledgement by, and co operation with, British Airways plc, and the Trustees of the Pension Schemes, as the preferred means of advancing & achieving our mutual objectives.

Eligibility for membership

All retired staff of British Airways plc and/or its predecessor Companies who are in receipt of pensions, or have entitlement to Deferred Pensions. Widows & widowers of such staff who are in receipt of such pensions. Current employees of British Airways plc and its subsidiary companies.