This section is devoted to the State Pension Reform and Guaranteed Minimum Pension

Here is the original piece we published under News Flashes on our Home page. It covers the background in some detail, with some examples, and is a good starting point.

This link is to a note which looks at the amount of New State Pension (NSP) that NAPS/APS pensioners can expect to get.

This page is taken from an email sent to our Chairman, Mike Post, from a lady born in 1953. You can see from her illustration, that the effect of the changes is significant. Her recognition of the need for change is admirable, and her comments about moving goalposts are extremely restrained: the goalposts in question appear to have been fitted with a turbo-charged V8!

Our Pensions Minister, Baroness Altmann seems to think that the NSP was mis-sold. See

Martin Lewis covered the subject on Radio Five Live. The New State Pension bit starts at 8:40 mins and goes on to just before the end, so it is about 20 minutes long. Link here. Please note that this will only be available for 28 days, so will disappear on about the 10th May 2016.

The Government has produced a series of Fact-sheets, which can be found here. Thanks to BA Pensions for this link, taken from the February 2016 InFocus.