Templates to use when making your initial complain about CPI
The template to use when writing to the Trustees to complain about CPI is below, in several different formats. The first is in MS-Word format (.doc). If you are able to download and use this file it is probably the most useful as formatting etc should already be in place. the second is a Rich Text (.rtf) file. The third and fourth are text versions (.txt), one for Apple Mac users, and one for PC users, which some members who do not have MS-Word might find better. However, please note that formatting may be lost - in other words you will get the text, but might have to work at it to make it look right.

Please remember to substitute your own details for Mike Post's, and to decide which paragraph to use under the Remedy section: i.e. calculate your own amounts or leave BA Pensions to do it.
Template in MS-Word format
Template in Rich Text format
Template in text format for Mac
Template in text format for PC