We have set up the facility to allow online membership applications/renewals and payment of subscriptions. Although cheques have the advantage that they result in no commission or processing charge we know that a lot of potential members wish to join online, without the need to download and print/post the ABAP application form.

Our processes expect that you will complete the online form, and then make a Paypal payment, either as a Paypal account holder, or as a guest. If you use the online form, and then go on to pay via another method it helps if we know that so that we do not chase you for a payment you have already made via another channel, and we allow you to indicate that.

We use Paypal to provide the facility, but you do not require a Paypal account to make use of it - Paypal now allows payments by Credit Card.

We do not currently accept direct payments via Credit or Debit card other than by this PayPal method, so if you do not wish to use PayPal at all then please use bank transfer or cheque for payment. Our bank details can be found on the postal application form here.

So, if you would prefer to join or renew online, please follow one of the two links below, and and use the online process:

Please note that the joining/payment process does not include a way to add a separate donation. If you wish to do that, please use the Fighting Fund Donation page here.

Alternatively, if you are happy to download the form and post it, please follow this link.

The paper option will remain in place. We recognise that a significant number of our members do not use the internet, or are wary of online payments.